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Dexterously crafted by SPRUCE's Head Chef, Chef Tim, we are proud to present the newly launched weekday set lunch menu exclusively at Hillv2!

Highly-conscious of how essential a good-quality lunch can aid energy sustenance throughout a weekday, this meticulously formulated menu provides wholesome and adequate options to a wide range of palates and dietary preferences from working professionals to homemakers or social diners to itinerants. With fresh ingredients handled by the capable palms of SPRUCE's culinary team, this menu also provides a health-beneficial alternative to the ubiquitously poor lunch options available, enabling haphazard lunch decisions made by many in the city who hustles.

This lunch menu is available in 2 choices, 2-course (Starter and Main, or Main and Dessert) at $25++ and 3-course at $30++. Diners may start the indulgent lunch with a warm soup freshly made on the day with seasonal ingredients, or an appetite-igniter like the Tomato and cow mozzarella salad or Pan-seared foie gras with brioche bread (+$8++). Welcoming the transition to the main event of lunch are our three options for mains- Potato Gnocci with Mushrooms, Pan Seared Seabass fillet, and Beef Stew. With SPRUCE’s own bakery and pastry chefs, dessert of the day is also freshly made, concluding the lunch on a sweet note. A choice of hot Coffee (long black or Americano) or hot Tea (English Breakfast Tea) is fully complimentary alongside this lunch menu, catering a holistic experience and morale booster for the day ahead!


Featured Main dishes

Pan seared seabass fillet served with clams, mussels, and fish broth

Succulent and naturally sweet flavours of seabass’s flesh complements the crispy pan-seared fish skin. Paired with clams, mussels, and fish broth, the fish is accompanied with an abundance of oceanic fragrance and umami-ness.  Seasonal vegetables added within the dish provides comforting crunch and contributes fiber to the overall protein-packed dish.


Potato Gnocchi with Mushroom and tomato sauce

Soft and delicate texture of Gnocchi paired with earthy and tangy flavours of mushrooms and tomato sauce respectively provides balance to the taste buds, as well as being an optimal and hearty choice for vegetarians


Beef stew served with mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes

A classic and widely loved dish with aromatic flavours, featuring meltingly tender beef cubes that unravels with the slightest pressure off the fork.


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